Rancilio silviaEveryone has the desire to take the full pleasure of perfect professional espresso on the fingertips at any time of the day. Now this dream comes true with the Rancilio Silvia which is the most stylish and reliable espresso machine ever. Rancilio Silvia is best – suited for any type of décor and offers a totally professional level of reliability and performance. Even, I am totally amazed at this espresso maker with stunning design and the best performance. It is totally banging for your buck here as this espresso maker is the best value for the money which you are going to get with this perfect Rancilio Silvia.

When you are looking for the best espresso maker, one thing you want to be sure that it should be lasting. It is surprising that for the past 5 years, this espresso maker has been proving that it brings the lasting value to the kitchen, professional or home. It is totally influenced by the modern design and truly provides the pleasure of the perfect automatic espresso machine.

Rancilio Silvia is equipped with the special boiler wrapped in a foam thermal insulator which provides the perfect rate of heat absorption. In addition, the internal parts of this coffee machine in contact with water do not produce any toxic substance and thus do not compromise the quality of the beverage in the cup

Another most stunning and beneficial feature of the Silvia is that it consumes less than 0.5 Wh in the standby mode. And of course, as the name implies, it shuts off automatically after 30 minutes of inactivity. With an extremely powerful linear housing and brilliant overall design, this espresso maker is built for the barista as well.

Rancilio Silvia can also be equipped with the special filter holders and adapters. These systems allow preserving the freshness of the ground coffee aroma and facilitate to obtain an espresso always perfect. I am quite surprised with its extremely professional image and of course it’s high level of quality. The new drip tray grid has been designed to make cleaning even simpler.

It is extremely durable and made up of top – quality materials, especially the interior of the machine. The heating element is quite easy to remove for simple cleaning and repairs. Thanks to Silvia, I no longer have to choose between style, functionality, and performance. With this Rancilio Silvia, I seriously experience the pleasure of a perfect and stunning professional espresso on my fingertips.